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1. Maximise Your Training

Blog 1: How to maximize your training for the Cheltenham Challenge

Welcome to our first post supporting the Cheltenham Challenge Runners. Over the next few articles, we’ll be providing you with advice on training, injury prevention, recovery and (hopefully not needed) injury management.

Firstly, a short introduction about who we are. Pro Performance has been set up to provide sports injury and physiotherapy services to everyday athletes. We are based at the Reebok Crossfit Gym Glevum in Gloucester and we work with athletes of all training abilities and goals. Our background has been working in elite sport and since we set up in the Gloucester and Cheltenham area we aim to make the knowledge and expertise from the elite sport environment available to everyone. Our focus is always to give you the tools to manage your own condition rather than become dependent on treatments to manage it for you.

The first post’s focus is looking at what happens when we run. As you read this you will have either already discovered the joys of running, be embarking on a new challenge hoping to run further and/or faster than you ever have before (raising money for a great cause in the process), or be on the fence whether to sign up for a challenge to work towards for the summer. If you’re the latter, click the button to the right to register for any of the three distances, then come back and continue reading!

Running, when done well is beauty in motion. Efficiency and collaboration of every system in your body working together to get you places and share experiences you can’t have doing anything else. It’s inclusive, challenging, liberating and rewarding all at the same time. Here are some of the benefits of running:

Benefits of running

Running is often viewed as a simple task due to its ease of access and wide spread appeal. The reality is that it’s anything but! It takes co-ordination, balance, reactive stability, cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance and mental toughness. It’s the physical physiological and psychological systems of your body all working towards one task which is getting from A to B as quickly as possible!


3 spheres

Your training needs to reflect the high demand nature of running and over the series of these posts we will look at the systems we use, how to maximize your training and how to maximize your recovery so you can fully recharge in-between training sessions. More often than not it’s that you don’t need to train harder, you need to train smarter. We hope we can help you do this!

Our NEXT POST is going to look at some simple drills to help reduce your injury risk and keep you training at the level you want to be.

Thanks for reading!

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During the next few months we’d love to welcome you to the Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for a sports massage to help keep you on track during your training for the Cheltenham Challenge. Were based at Reebok Gym Glevum, Unit 12 Quadrant Distribution Centre, Waterwells Buisness Park,  Gloucester, GL2 2RN

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