Event Rules

The Cheltenham Challenge is a complex event with different events taking part simultaneously. To aid management and smooth running of the event, the following rules will apply:

Event Categories

1. The 5K event (all ages) and 10K junior and child categories are classed as Fun Runs.

2. The adult 10K and Half Marathon events will be held under Trail Running Association (TRA) rules (licence numbers 143 & 144).

3. The 5K, 10K and Half Marathon events are Walker Friendly.

4. Affiliated rates are available to members of UKA registered athletics and running clubs. Membership of an informal running group alone does not qualify for the affiliate rate.


1. Deadline for any amendments to registration details or category changes is Sunday 4th June 2017

2. Race numbers / timing chips must be collected from the registration desks at least 30 minutes before the start of your event.  Desks will be open on Saturday 17th June and on the morning of the event. Exact times to be confirmed.

3. On-line registration closes on Wednesday 14th June 2017.

4. Each event will have a limit on the number of entries. No further registrations will be accepted when the entry limit has been reached.

On-the-day registration

1. If the event does not sell out online, a limited number of on-the-day registrations may be available. We cannot guarantee availability until after on-line registration closes. On the day entry fees will be higher than online.

2. Where available, on-the-day registration for each event will close 30 minutes before the advertised start time, to allow for processing the registration, warm-up, and assembly in the starting area 10 minutes before the start. Therefore (subject to confirmation):

Half marathon start 10:00am: latest time for registration is 9:30am

10K start 10:30am: latest time for registration is 10:00am

5K start 11:00am: latest time for registration is 10:30am

Collection of pre-registered bibs / timing chips

Participants bibs / chips must be collected from the registration building in the event village on the day of the event or on the preceeding Saturday afternoon (exact times to be confirmed). Please note: race packs will NOT be sent by post.

Starting and Finishing Rules

For each event:

1. Participants must assemble in the starting area 10 minutes before the event start time. Please position yourself in the starting funnel according to your anticipated speed, with fast runners towards the front, followed by slow runners, followed by walkers towards the rear.

2. The event timing starts when gun goes. There is a time-limited starting window (as appropriate to the number of starters in each event) and all participants must cross the start line within this period , otherwise no time or position will be recorded.

3. Late starts will not be permitted. After the starting window closes, the start line will be cordoned off in preparation for the next event.

4. Gun times will be used for the official race timings. Later starters (within the starting window) will have their time recorded relative to the gun time. Net times may be recorded but official results will use gun times only.

5. Registrants who do not correctly start (or finish) the event for which they have registered will not be included in the race results or timing lists.

6. Timing for the award of prizes will be taken from the gun time only. Prizes will be awarded in the order of crossing the finish line and no adjustment will be made for net times.

7. Upon crossing the finish line, participants must follow marshals’ directions to exit the finish area. Participants must not cross back over the finish line.

Course Rules

1. Parts of the route are shared by multiple events. Participants should be  considerate towards other runners and walkers.

2. Each route will be clearly signed and participants should ensure they follow the correct route for their event. If in doubt, stop and ask a marshal.

3. Participants wearing headphones on the off-road sections do so at their own risk. It is the responsibility of the wearer to ensure that traffic, marshals’ instructions and  approaching hazards are audible and noted. Headphones should not be worn whilst running or walking on roads or pavements or when crossing roads.

4. Runners / walkers accompanied by dogs must be considerate of traffic, other participants and livestock.